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Why choose jm&a for online customer experience?

“JM&A has the experience and the resources to figure out the online equation. They have cutting edge practices that solve for the online customer experience equation and grow dealer profitability. There’s not another company I’d trust to help us tackle the future of our industry.”

Why choose jmfa for your exchanges?

Expertise you can count on. “Obviously, JMFA knows what they’re doing. They had a firm grasp of what each line item should cost, they knew where to push, and they knew where to let go so we could get a better deal on other items.” —Washington Savings Bank, David Doedtman, President and CEO Learn More

What is jmfa contract optimizer?

With JMFA Contract Optimizer, you have nothing to lose but high contract costs. Community banks and credit unions are discovering it’s possible to grow their bottom line without slashing budgets, increasing fees or reducing services.

Why choose a JM Ocean Avenue family business?

Families are the building blocks of strong communities and a thriving society. JM Ocean Avenue provides technologically advanced products designed to help our family of distributors and customers achieve a healthy, active lifestyle and the opportunity to travel the world while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of independent business ownership.
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