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jmu email quick login


How do I send a bulk e-mail to JMU?

Send the message to . Be sure to also attach a copy of the message text to the bulk request form. What qualifies as "informational" vs. "official" bulk e-mail?

Who can access the helpdesk at JMU?

JMU student employees, affiliates, emeriti: access is granted if requested by a department or sponsor. Where can I get Help/Support? Information Technology Help Desk at (540) 568-3555 or

Can I forward my JMU email to my Duke email?

Yes, you have both a email account and a account. Forwarding your employee ( email to your Dukes account is prohibited according to the JMU Electronic Messaging Policy 1209.

What is your JMU Eid (username)?

Your JMU eID (also called “username” in some applications/systems) is your electronic identification that provides access to password protected websites and services, such as MyMadison, software downloads, and the JMU Official Wireless network.
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