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mvc login and registration example with database connection


How to create login and registration form in MVC with sample database?

Now, let’s begin with creating Login and registration form in MVC with sample database. Step 1: Create a new Project in your Visual Studio (Using 2017 community edition here) by Navigating to File-> New -> Project-> Select "Web" from Left pane & Select "ASP.NET Web Application" from right-pane & click "OK"

How to learn MVC basic login and registration using ADO net?

<p>This Example is for learning MVC Basic Login and Registration Using ADO.NET.</p> Now, Open this URL http://localhost:49629/UserLogin/Index for the login page or using the Login tab in the form. After successful login, the dashboard is generated.

How to create login page in MVC using Razor View engine?

Now let’s create our Login Page. Step 1 : Create a new ASP.NET MVC Project with Razor View Engine. I’m using MVC 4 for this Project. Step 2 : Create a new Model class name User.cs in Model folder of your MVC Project and edit it as below.

How to enroll a password in MVC?

Create a Project in MVC then, create a class in the Model folder by right clicking. Name it Enroll. cs [StringLength (100, ErrorMessage = "Password " {0}" must have {2} character", MinimumLength = 8)]
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