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mvc login authentication


How to switch authentication in MVC application?

Run your application

  • Build and run the project.
  • Browse to https://localhost:5001.
  • Select SignIn/Up.
  • Complete the sign-up or sign-in process.

What is MVC and why do we use MVC?

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. It is an architecture or a software design pattern that makes creating huge applications easy. It does not belong to specific programming language or framework, but it is a concept that you can use in creating any kind of application or software in any programming language.

How to check version of MVC?

  • Go to the project in the Solution Explorer:
  • Expand references:
  • Right-click on "System.Web.Mvc" and select properties:
  • Now you will see the version property:

How to use new mvc5 authentication with existing database?


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