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mvc login example


How to create registration form using MVC?

MVC is an integrated module and this is built on three separated words Models,Views,Controllers. Models provide the business logic views provide the presentation and controllers handle the request. Now in this ASP.NET MVC application we will create a registration form first we add the class in the models folder.

How to get user list from Active Directory in MVC?

public ActionResult GetAllUsers() { List<User> ADUsers = GetallAdUsers(); return View(ADUsers); } public ActionResult GetAllGroups() { List<Group> ADGroups = GetallGroups(); return View(ADGroups); } // if you want to get Groups of Specific OU you have to add OU Name in Context public static List<User> GetallAdUsers() { List<User> AdUsers = new List<User>(); // My Domain Controller which i created // OU=DevOU –Organizational Unit which i created // and create users and groups inside …

How to send email in MVC?

  • Open Visual Studio
  • "File" -> "New" -> "Project…"
  • Choose Visual C#- Web then select ASP.NET MVC4 Web Application
  • Add a new Internet Application then click OK

How to use Log4j in Spring MVC?

We mainly have 3 components to work with Log4j:

  • Logger: It is used to log the messages
  • Appender: It is used to publish the logging information to the destination like file, database, console etc
  • Layout: It is used to format logging information in different styles
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