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Who is YSI for?

Who is YSI for? YSI is for all young people aged between 13-18 years old in post primary schools and further education settings throughout Ireland. What’s a YSI project?

Why choose an integrated system from YSI?

An Integrated System from YSI can be built for almost any water monitoring application. Reveal water quality in the entire water column with a vertical profiler, configure your own unique data buoy or TurnKey system for real-time data collection. LOOKING TO PERFECT YOUR TITRATIONS?

What is Aya YSI project?

A YSI project is a fun, creative and engaging experience through which young people co-create and implement solutions to real-world social issues. How can I get involved? Talk to a member of our Learning and Practice Team on how your school can take part in our programmes from September 2021.
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