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zearn login page for students


Does Zearn use cookies on this site?

This website,, uses cookies and similar technologies to analyze traffic to the site, and enable us to use social media features. For more information on how we use cookies on this site, including how to change your preferences, please see this cookie policy. Check out our library of exclusive resources for Zearn School Accounts.

How can Zearn help my child?

With Zearn, students learn grade-level concepts with the support they need. An embedded daily diagnostic assesses understanding and automatically launches just-in-time support. our work. Zearn improves academic achievement and helps math learning stick.

How do I start a Zearn digital lesson?

Start off with a quick video orientation to explore the daily progression of fluency, concept development, and independent practice in each of Zearn’s digital lessons. Zearn’s student homepage and digital lessons are designed to be safe, accessible, and engaging for all kids. Hear what Zearn is like from a student’s perspective.
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